3 Clif bars and a coffee.

Last semester I learned the importance of eating healthy the hard way. I had established my own food pyramid consisting of, Clif bars, coffee, Red Bull, pizza Lunchables and Chipotle. I chose this dietary routine for one reason, it was convenient. Picking up dinner or lunch from the dorm market became my regular routine between classes and meetings on campus. Since the Clif bar I consumed while walking satisfied my hunger I didn’t see why I needed to change my habits, regardless of the fact that I usually felt terrible after eating it. It took my roommates confronting me about my diet and the toll it had taken on my attitude to snap me out of the unhealthy caffeine induced coma I had been living in for months. I immediately took to Pinterest to find healthy snacks and meals for girls on the go and here are a few of my favorites that I hope you can incorporate into your own daily routine.

BreakfastWake up on the right side of the bed!

Egg Muffins- These little bit size nuggets of joy have zero carbs and lots of protein! I usually make a cupcake pan full of these muffins on Sunday evening. Then once they’ve cooled I put two muffins into different Ziplock bags. This way in the morning I can pull out a serving size, throw it in my tote, and warm them up in the microwave at work. Plus one night of preparation equals a week worth of breakfast! Find the recipe here!

Overnight Oats- Here is another recipe you can prepare the night before to make your mornings go even more smoothly! Chilled overnight oatmeal can easily be transported from the kitchen to wherever you need to go! I have never been a big oatmeal fan but this is one of my new favorites. It’s creamy yogurt goodness mixed with oats  that can be customized with fruit toppings of your choice! (I’m partial to raspberries!) Find the recipe here!

LunchBrown bag it!

Pizza Panini-100 calorie thin, light laughing cow wedge, marinara sauce and loads of fresh spinach. Easy enough! If you have a George Foreman grill (a staple for any college apartment) than this panini is definitely for you. I’m a glorified pizza lover and this recipe was heaven sent. Find the recipe here!

Mason Jar Greek Salad- The saying is, “Give a woman a mason jar greek salad and she’ll eat happily for a day. Teach a woman to make a mason jar greek salad and she’ll eat even more happily for a week because she had a stress free morning.” So maybe that isn’t a real saying but it should be! I spent one Sunday evening preparing this adorable little jars to tote with me to my internship for the week and started an office trend! Find the recipe here!

Dinner– Fun Fact: I grew up calling it “supper” but quickly learned that in Austin, TX that isn’t the norm. 

Pizza Bagels- Earlier I addressed my love affair with pizza, well I am especially enamored with pizza in bagel form. This recipe is quick and easy, and I can almost guarantee that you will have leftovers for lunch the next day! Try replacing your usual fix of frozen boxed Bagel Bites with these heavenly morsels for guilt free mealtime. Find the recipe here!

Fiesta Chicken Enchiladas- To quote Spice Girls, “Spice up your life! People of the world!” with these enchiladas when you know you have a busy week ahead! Here’s another make-ahead meal that won’t disappoint. This recipe makes eight enchiladas, so you’ll have dinner for a fews days out of the week. When you just want to watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother after a long day on the go, make sure you have enchiladas waiting for you in the fridge. Find the recipe here!

I hope these recipes can make meals a little easier for you! Kick the habit of picking up whatever is easiest and start eating meals that are nutritious, filled with protein  and can help you perform to the best of your ability! Eating right will make a world of difference.

Do you have a favorite on the go recipe? Leave a comment and share it with me!

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